work is done here. i'm leaving hastings to wellington tomorrow morning. i realized i have to work more hours to make it up for the money i spent on accommodation and food. but that will come in time. 1 month of work is enough for now. i just want to lie back and relax. met a lot of ppl during this 5 weeks of travelling. it's funny how real bonds are made in a short period of time. some of these friends have already left nz or continuing with their journey. i missed and will miss the good time i had here. it's not like i'm going away but it's always hard to part with good memories and nice ppl that we meet in this road we called life. i think most of us are dread to part. a room of 9 sharing beds are now just 2. a korean guy and me. this morning adam, a brit just left to another backpacker. adrian, a german left to hitch hike to wanganui. erwin, a scottish lost his passport and was late to catch a bus to auckland! all sorts of things happen while i'm on the road. the thing i am beginning to like about backpacking is that everyday is a new adventure. u can't map out or plan everything because it will never end up the way u plan it. i am slowly getting used to this. i know its only been 5 weeks for me in new zealand but i kinda miss home. homecook, annoying my sis and talking to mum. i haven't talk to any of them for 5 weeks now! maybe soon i will ring them up. the thing is nz is 5 hours ahead of msia. when i go to bed, it's still freaking early in msia. when i get up, its too freaking early to call home. hahaha :P

i'm taking in everyday as it is.


tongariro crossing

i just came back from Tongariro National Park. It's where Mt Doom in Lord of the Ring was shot! i went for the Tongariro Crossing which takes about 8 hours walking on flat land and climbing up and down the mountains. it's a good track. the thing is i wasn't informed of how steep the mountain can be and there is nothing u can hang on to while climbing the steep mountain. one wrong step and u fall all the way down the mountain. i was struggling my way up as i am scared of height! i had both thigh cramps cos i was using too much energy! and not to mention carrying a heavy backpack with me (food, plenty of water, and jackets) we all were carrying heavy backpacks! 8 hours tramping became 11 hours cos we had too many stops in between and were busy taking photos! half way through the crossing, we realized we will not make it for the 5.30pm shuttle bus pick up at the other end of the track. we called the ppl were in charge of the pick up and they refuse to send us another shuttle. unbelievable! we told them someone was injured and they can't do nothing about it! we met this 2 guys, brit and israeli, they were so kind to wait up for us as they got their own cars! one of them have a self-made walking stick with them and i borrow it from them. it helped a lot with my walking as my legs were almost giving up and the cramps on both thighs keep coming back! as we were 3/4 from the track, it was already dark in the jungle and we decided to give it a run back to the end of the track. silly me fell and twisted my left foot and from there i slow my group down. the 2 guys were already far from sight. so happen we have only 1 mini torch light shared by the 4 of us. one of us have a sony ericsson which comes in handy as it has a "torch light" function. we walked as fast as we could and my pain in both thigh and feet didn't feel so bad as i was only worried as the walk to the end is as if a never ending walk. it was dark and i guess everyone in the group was feeling slightly vulnerable and just want to go home.
when we got out, it was already 8.20pm. thank goodness the 2 kind souls were waiting outside at the carpark for us. i can't thank enough for them. if not i think the 4 of us will have to "camp" in the wilderness with no tent what-so-ever. 2 of my friends followed the 2 guys to get our car at our lodging place and 2 of us sit back and wait for the rescue. while star gazing with another friend waiting, we saw a car and a guy came out and ask if we were the groups of 4 who called them earlier for shuttle bus pick up. i saw the guy's face and i recognize he is the guy who works at the lodging place. he said he is going to bring us back! what a day!
did i mention the last night at Tangariro, i was kicks from beneath my bed and loud coughing across the room! hmm...not very nice (i know i snore but that's grrrrrrrrr....) it's not like i snore on purpose!
more photos here, here and here!


everyone here in nz for a reason. some are here to work. some are here to backpack. so many things going on in my mind right now. it's easter break this weekend. and i think i'm stucked in hastings. the others are heading out to Tongariro National Park where they filmed lord of the ring. i ringed so many backpackers up this afternoon but only to be disappointed. no beds are available this weekend! great. i'm waiting for miracles!


i finally had ice cream today!! *woot*


Te Mata Peak

it was day off today. hopped on the car with some friends and went up the "hill". the cold wind was blowing so strong it almost blew me away. i couldn't even stand properly. it's back to 8 hours shift starting tomorrow. it's funny one day just passed like that. some of the ppl whose been in hastings way before me said there is a nice ice cream shop in town.
i will go try next week since i didn't manage to go today. there will be 4 days off next week. easter holiday from fri - mon! no plans yet. maybe i will go to the beach. maybe i will just go somewhere
who knows...more photos here!



looks like i spoken too soon. that particular person got into an accident last night. she got her hand stuck in the machine. when i saw the commotion, one of the supervisor was already carrying her and she was holding her own hand shaking. she was brought to the hospital by ambulance. news has it that she broke one of her finger. as i didn't like her that much before, but when i saw the incident, i don't know if i should feel pity or sad for her. of cos things like this, we wish it never happens. so i told myself, always be alert at work no matter how sleepy and tired.
my hands are still numb from nights of 12 hours shift. my toe too. just one toe, hahaha...i don't know why. maybe it is also my first time doing labour work which involve energy more than brain.
i wish i can leave this place a.s.a.p.
for experience, i guess it is alright. i want to continue with my traveling! meanwhile, let me know if any of u or have friends who likes to join me down South Island. it would be great! a traveling partner is always welcome! email me!
cheers! : )


there is this nosy and bossy malaysian person at work who likes to boss ppl around. the thing is, she's not even a supervisor. -__________-!!! i think the kiasu-ness in some malaysians here are kicking in. although we are in a different country but the typical malaysian attitude is always there. this is not suppose to happen! wait, anything can happen when you're here! hahaha....guess it's going to be 12 hours shift this whole week. my hands are so tired! the tips of my fingers hurts! i'll even pay for a hand massage! i realised i only have half a day to myself now. a quarter to sleep and the quarter to cook, check mail and getting ready to work... this is not good. but i need more money to spend on south island! :P


sweet corn oh sweet corn! it is by far the best job in the factory. no smell but tiring job too. i was working 12 hours yesterday 6pm - 6am. same today. similar job. pick and throw rotten ones...hahha...those working on the back lanes put the corns into a machine and it cuts them into small corns. this is where u get those in supermarket. processed tiny little corns.
it's not as bad working in with sweet corns cos the machine break down quite often and we get "breaks" in between. hehe it's gooooood!
my hands are tired. my fingers are numb but think of the bright side, i get paid! LOL :X


i can't stand the smell of tomatoes...hot boiling tomatoes...u will understand if u work here...lol the thought of it makes me sick. i've been smelling too much of tomatoes i almost puke last night while at work. its that bad! the tomato supervisor asked if i wanted to do tomato tonight and i said no. lol no way. at least let me rest for 1 day. LOL
the crazy thing bout this work is, u keep repeating the some thoughts over and over again. it's really sickening :P haha can't help it. its very natural. i asked my german colleague and she feels the same too :x
it's time for me to start planning my next destination and how about i'm going. i wish there is a sign soon so i know what to do next. i am still as clueless as before. every decision that i made so far is very random. as in my travel plan :P


now i know how it feels like to work 12 hours shift. yesterday, i was asked to turn in for extra 4 hours. 6pm - 6 am. its tiring. trust me. my job yesterday was to be a part time "fireman" hahahaa. yeah...my job was to wash away the overflowing peaches, pineapples, pears cubes from the moving trays. it's a fun job but ever so often i have to bend down so i don't spray the other workers. it gets tired after heaps of bending. part of the job also require me to scoop out extra peaches/pineapples/pears cubes from the boiling tank. hmm...most of the job in the factory is repetition. u don't think. u just do it. hahaha last night shift was to peel pears...my fingers are sore from the 8 hours cutting...this morning i swear it was so swollen and can't feel my fingers. haha but after few hours of sleep. i guess it's better now. backache, sore fingers and tired body. these are some of the side effects of this job.
while doing the job, i can't help thinking, why i am here peeling and cutting fruits when i can be doing more relaxing things back home. well, if u asked me, it's all worth it. if u are here sight seeing with me. u will know how beautiful nz is. south island, i'm coming soon!! hahaha
just have to keep a positive head all the time. pain is only temporary. experience is forever!


i just started my job last night. 10pm - 6am. my job is to separate the rotten peaches and throw them away.
cut off the rotten parts.
i do a bit of cutting pears. actually more like peeling the skin with a small knife. it's easy but dangerous cos the knife is sharp. lol :P so i can't afford to fall asleep on this job.
easy and fast job but boring...and tiring after a while.
we have breaks in between 2 hours. so it's still alright. we get free milk, free hot chocolate and coffee from the vending machine. basically, it's a factory that process can foods. they have sweet corns, tomatoes, peaches, pears. u get the picture...
good thing i met 2 new friends/colleagues. from germany, nutty but fun ppl! haha gosh...working late night really kill our brain cells...hahaha we were talking nonsense in between breaks. one of the girl is same age as me and the other one is only 19. yeap, just finish school. great company to keep me sane.

oh well...life in hastings is...erm...boring but i needed the money so it's all good.

p/s: sabisiyo...


tomorrow i will start a new journey. gonna take the bus down to Hastings for work. what kind of work? i don't know yet. probably will work in the factory packing cans or fruits...most probably gonna stay in some backpackers cos was told it's within walking distance. will update again when i arrived and settle down.
so sleepy now, more updates when i get hold of the internet LOL :P

at the meantime. just check on my multiply for photos update!


Lake Taupo
i think i'm starting to fall in love with new zealand. really. i don't know if i want to go back home anymore. its so beautiful and the weather here is nice when it doesn't rain. just nice. i arrived in Taupo this evening, thanks to my friend ellen who is living in Taupo because of work. she intro me to her bunch of china friends. really nice ppl. i'm so glad because during this trip i thought to myself that i might travel alone and end up feeling so lost. i am super lucky. just so lucky. and you are right audrey, i am lucky! i'll tell u about my almost "kena send home at the airport" story when i meet u next time k! hahhaha too shameful to say it out here.
i miss my nihon jin kazoku at YHA Auckland, sabisiyo! hontoni! i miss mina so much! they are my family members during my stay in auckland. 77 yr old michiko-san who is always so happy and making new friends everyday. mi-chan, my funny friend who is so caring and always making fun of me. yui-chan, ganbatte ne! i hope u find what u came for here and always wish u best of luck in your career and life. kosuke, sweet-ass!!! hahah i hope i will meet u soon, don't miss your flight again! and so many friends i met at YHA. i'm really so happy. but like they say, happiness are not meant to last. it was my last day in auckland as i'm travelling down south. to visit other places and as well as for work.
so many happy and random things happened here. i met some super down to earth ppl and always helping me without asking any favour in returns. but sadly there also those who are giving u pain in the ass ppl. i was told i can get a room in Hastings for my work. and the guy who agreed the room to me suddenly told me today that he is giving away to another girl who has already arrived in Hastings for work. how can u promise someone a room and later said its taken away because he felt like it. what an asshole. but nevertheless i'm happy i did meet some nice ppl along the way. no! many nice ppl along the way actually! tips from many travellers, always smile, and say hi, and you will be making friends along the way! i'm so tired now. so much emotions inside of me i can't describe. i don't know what will happen next. i will try to keep an open mind and always be positive even when its against all odds. oyasumi!