wow...2 weeks has gone by like the wind. i'm heading up north to Nelson for work in the apple pack house tomorrow. sounds like fun no? i will work my ass off till winter and it's snowboarding time baby! hahaha can't hardly wait. i just got an email from home and the credit card statement is a bit shocking!... i will not "cincai" spend anyhoo now. most of it was gone to bus tickets and accomodation. sigh work...the only word in my dictionary that is not very appealing. reality bites...
happy times are short. that's why we framed it up in the form of photos. as u can see there is not much photos on this blog but there are tons on the other site.
so much feelings and emotions inside of me when i want to write and tell. but right now it's just empty. gah...worry not as i will spam u with more details on the road soon. going out to meet my german friend who was working together in North Island before. u never know when is the last time u will see them again! then again nz is so small u will always bump into friends every corner or the two islands. i'm serious! i'm a living example of it! hehe
ciao ciao!


i just had a tempura + sashimi dinner at dunedin! i missed home, the land i can hardly proclaim my own. it's because whenever i miss jap food, there is always Sushi King around the corner. japanese food here is so expensive. i mean it's alright to eat once in a while here as long as i work and use the currency here. lol
it's my last day in dunedin and also marks the end of my trip in south island somehow. it's not like i'm not going anywhere after this but the main places i wanted to go has been covered so it's all good. it's back to christchurch tomorrow! so much to do in so little time. i don't want to but i'll make do with what i have. did i mention i climb...well, more like walked up the steepest street in the world! yeap! It's here in Dunedin! and i did the Speight beer tour today~! the beer was soooo good and refreshing! hahaha (beer tasting!)

p/s: i like to take this opportunity to thank eric for letting me bonked in at Milford Sound! and the boat rides was good! thank you so much! i will write soon. time's up at the internet cafe! so much to tell and write but i will soon, when i get hold of internet again! LOL : )


currently in Queenstown at the moment. it's a lot more smaller and beautiful then i have imagine it to be. partly due to the fact that autumn is here. trees and leaves are yellowish, red, purple and really adds a nice warm colours to the surroundings. along this whole journey, i met a lot of new and also keep bumping into friends that i have met along the way. it's a blessing to be able to travel and see things that i wouldn't thought it would be possible. i don't want this to end so soon. it's too good to go back to reality but at the end of the day, i still need to face reality. another week to go and i'm almost done with South Island. it's back to work for me. looking for a job to feed my tummy and wallet :P then it's another wait for winter to come and the next plan is to go Mt Hutt for snowboarding probably in late June! : )
heading to Milford Sound tomorrow to meet up with a junior from college whose been in nz for more than a year. he came here backpacking but ended up falling in love with the country and decided to stay for good. so hopefully i will see him tomorrow and the best part is he works for a river cruise company and i get free scenery trip! what more can i ask for. contrary to the believe that Queenstown is popular for the action packed adrenaline outdoor activities such as the likes of bungy jump, skydiving, river surfing and heaps more. but i won't be doing any of that. why? because i'm chicken shit. i'm scared of height. before this, i wanted to do skydiving or river surfing...but but but...my wallet is shouting a BIG NO! hahaha...so there u go. no hoohaa from me. it wasn't part of my plan in the first place, i wanted to do snowboarding more eagerly than anything else. those were just merely stuffs backpackers telling me oh u must try it at least once in your life! right...
so it's quite a sunny day outside and i'm off to the top of the hill to get a good view of Queenstown now and the famous gigantic burger everyone has been telling me about! laters!

some random video i took last night at dinner...lolz


lake tekapo

photos update! *click*


it's on the road for me again tomorrow. sorry for the lack of photos as i don't have much internet access here. not that there is no internet but a bit troublesome. most of the photos are in my laptop u see and to transfer them to another pc will takes time which something i am lack of now. been in Christchurch for a week now. it's nice here. kinda like kuching but only more angmoh and much much colder than i thought it would be. the first day i arrived here, once i got off the bus, smokes come out of my mouth when i breath so imagine how cold it will get in winter which is about 2 weeks from now. so it's 16 days of travelling for me again. Lake Tekapo - Mt Cook - Wanaka - Franz Josef (glacier) - Queenstown - Milford Sound - Dunedin. phew* just pray that the sun is warm down south cos it's already quite cold here in Christchurch. it's always racing against time. friends i met along the way, so hard to part. one by one leaving. this is backpacking. short romantic friendship i call it. nice, breezy like the wind blowing from Tasman Sea but warm like the bright sun hitting against my skin. friendship i will cherish, thank you all for spending this wonderful time with me in nz. i really appreciate it will all my heart. special thanks to those who help me along the way. a lot of unexpected things happened here. i'm so honoured to be part of this journey. this journey call life. life is to enjoy. no? i have thought about if i can't get a work permit here in nz, what will i do when i go back to msia. a lot of thoughts which kinda worry me. but sometimes i close my eyes and shut my mind and just let it be. i can't think, i refuse to think about the future. i just want to live life as it is now. so much freedom. breathing this cold air here. backpackers don't think about tomorrow. they just live life as it is. breathing this "never-ending" journey...

some random thoughts: i think kiwi dogs are really friendly. the other day when i was at Sumner (beach), taking photos and this black dog came running my way and licked me on the lips....i was a bit traumatized but laughed at myself and the owner was laughing too! rofl* today i went to New Brighton, another beach and as i was walking pass this 2 angmoh, they are asking the puppy to sit. i think the puppy was not listening and when it saw me, it came running my way and jumped on my feet. so cuteeee....ahahhaha gosh...i wanna have a dog if i ever going to live here! and a cat, if i really do live here for good!


hi ppl! i'm in Christchurch now~! it's a bit cold here. not sure how cold but when u talk, smoke comes out of your mouth. so i'm guessing it's somewhere below 10 degrees? after i left hastings, i was spending a bit time in Wellington, crazy weather there. it can be sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon and drizzling in the evening. while strolling on the street of wellington, a car stop and the driver inside looked at me. i was so surprised! it was my high school classmate! haven't seen him for 10 years. we met up the next day at lunch and talk about past and present stuffs. it was good to catch up! and he's newly wedded. time flies. it's surprising enough to meet a group of ppl from Chile and Argentina (we stayed in the same backpackers and work in the same factory back in Hastings) and we also stayed in the same backpackers in Wellington. after spending almost a week in Wellington, i decided to had down to south island on a ferry. my first stop in south island was Picton. a small town at the tip of south island. most of the ppl who travels to south island have to come here first then continue with their journey. at Picton, i stayed at this lovely backpackers called The Villa. it has won award for best backpackers few years back. i met some french ppl who is really friendly there. and also there was this crazy man staying there. crazy, as in he talks and laugh to himself. it's a bit freaky. one night at Picton is enough for me and i headed down to Nelson. it's a much bigger town compared to Picton. At Nelson, i decided to try out the sea kayaking at Abel Tasman National Park. i accidentally bumped into my HK friend who parted with us in Wellington with her bf. we did the sea kayaking together in a group. it was a tiring full day kayaking but it was worth it. the kayak trip cost about $165 including lunch, tea break and shuttle bus from Nelson to Kaiteriteri. i can hardly lift my left arm at the end of the day. i left Nelson yesterday to come to meet my jap friend whom i met in Auckland on my first day in Nz. the thing is, my bus schedule says 10.15am departing from Nelson but somehow when i got on the bus, the bus driver said i'm not on the list but he was kind enough to give me a lift to Picton and from Picton another connecting bus to Christchurch. this morning i re-checked the schedule and it says 10.15am! hmmp! i don't know if i made the mistake or they have. cos the bus driver called back to office and they said i was suppose to get on the 8.30am bus. anyhow, i'm here in Christchurch and i'm staying at my hometown friend's house. TQ Ellen if u are reading this!
i'm going out now to meet a Taiwan friend whom i met in Wellington. till then, be good yo'all!