superman was....woah! makes me wanna be a savoir of the world. that capacity to save ppl is just breath taking.
and u guys know what? hehehe...jen is rite, there is a surprise in the movie. huh...so we'll probably be seeing another superman flying around in the near future...oh shit...did i just give that away? hehe...SPOILER! hehe and yea. i notice jen, ur name and ur brothers were at the credits part.
i noticed the suit for superman returns has similar texture to the one in spiderman2. the material is so rubber-ish...and uber cool. must be damn heavy to wear those costumes. i also noticed a scene where the CGI is a bit fake...kinda like the scene in Matrix3, where Neo fought with many many Agent Smith. fake that way lor...storyline wise, nothing new. just same old recycling. bad guys making commotions, superman saves the day! and also the love of his life, lois lane :)

{4/5 stars} - for the cool
{floating in the air} kao lui trick. the man of steel. not even bullets can blast thru his blue eyes!


when boy meets gal

when is right considered wrong and wrong overwhelmed right?
appreciate the concern on the previous entry.
its just my way of vending out my feelings/disappointment/anger into a less destructive output.

i'm sleep deprived. blocked nose. flu. why if u must ask.
all my fault lor...what else.
met up with Ing Hui at Time Square yesterday. while waiting for her to come back from Astro, {study visit to Astro with bunch of her classmates} i was arsing around at Low Yatt. Got myself a new samsung black keyboard {cos the one at home, the "alt" button is not working anymore} and got 3 fans. YES! 3...

Tri-Blade from Cooler Master. RM39. which believe to have the speed of 2300R.P.M. and longer life span.

the normal RM5 punya iCute fans.

Dinner at Sushi King:

Ing Hui

terriyaki soba, hot green tea and sushi in the background. Ing Hui had Unagi Don but i didn't snap any photos.

Mikel and Elaine came to meet us and we had yum char session at KTZ

candid shot took by Mikel using my nikon coolpix 3700.

i didn't realise time flies and before i knew it, i've missed the last Monorail and LRT ride. Ing Hui and her friends were planning to go for Mambo Jambo at Zouk. Mikel and Elaine wanna club too. and i can always go home but how? take cab rite? NO WAY! not how kl cabs suck ur wallet dry....no way man! ...so have to guai guai tag along. and overnight at Mikel's. was worry cos i hate going clubbing {I don't club...} on working days. the last time i did...kept falling asleep at work la...see what happened to me? *kabish* i know. all of which of my own consequences.

i can't believe how ppl can party till dawn when they have to get up and join the rat race the next day. how? tell me. enlighten me pls! i sure can't beat them lor. Zouk's Velvet was so packed...i can't believe what i was seeing man. seriously. it wasn't my kind of music cos they were playing some oldies, 70s, 80s and 90s. even the famous Village People's Y-M-C-A!

that's Mikel@louyau.net but don't bother to check...cos the site is pretty much dead anyway.


Olga and Ing Hui

us again.

anyhow..no more pls NO MORE partying on working nite. *what happened to don't drink, stop clubbing, quitting raves and 10k a year resolution???? cannot make it. -_-...

oh, i'm going for the premiere of Superman Return tonight! YAY! 2 tickets only. sry guys

gawd...nose flowing like a river of salmon now! arggggh

until further notice.


my heart is bleeding for u...again. why? history keeps repeating itself. am i stupid? i think i choose to be foolish. not stupid. to feel pain is real. to feel pain is human. i chose to embrace my pain. is this my destiny?

*foolish love*


just photos

fri nite dinner:

braised duck somewhere at Jalan Alor.

*tau kua & braised egg.
{overall: 2.5/5 stars}

fri nite laziness...watching telly while Kuro the Miniature Pincher sleeps on my lap.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
yum char session:

located behind Time Square...

some unknown drink Mimi ordered.

I ordered Earl Grey.

Mimi the cat.

Joon the "sister-in-law"

the phat monkey.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hardsequence @ Ruums ft Scot Project + Bass Agents

the melbourne peeps. from left: Jayz, Calv, Kaevy & Boi

the mad crowds.

plasma tv!

toilet anyone?

drop that beat!

nice lighting effects.

King, Kenny & Calv.

Kenny + Ee Ling + Calv

Ee Ling attempted to shuffle in heels.

some even tried barefooted.

we go way back.

Scot Project damn lansi cos he didn't want to take photo with me. Thats it. I'm not going to ur event/rave anymore! *uh

p/s: photos from Japan GT will come in time :P
I meant to blog about the stupid Putra LRT! It broke down today and had me 45 mins late for work.
I'm so brain dead I can't think now...I'll continue tomorrow...promise. With photos from Hardsequence and Scot Project!


berjalan-jalan di genting

parents were here last week for the weekend. and dad wanted to visit genting since he last visited yonks ago...i think the last time he came was 20 years ago? we took the bus ride from kl central all the way to genting. and then the *quite-freak-me-out* cable car.

view from inside the cable car.

other cable cars.

me + mum + dad

when we reach the top, sardine of ppl were queueing up for the cable car~

sunflower for thee?

its was kinda cloudy that day. a view of genting theme park.

park ride rule #1: one shud not attempt a ride after a meal.

i wasn't that "active" when i was his age.

flaming eyes horsies at the lobby of first world hotel.

the monkey in warm fuzzy quiksilver jacket.

view outside.

mum + me

mum and dad checking out the spices.

closer view.

tunnel to the indoor swimming pool a.k.a. *hot spring*. i didn't take photos inside cos i think most prolly i will kena kicked out if i did...

miniature model of genting.

an overview of genting highland.

the people who made me.

my role model.


and more flowers.

thats all folks!